Audit & Assurance

Our experience in this area includes three different levels of service:  1) compilation; 2) review; and 3) an audit of financial statements. We have also provided reports on the following:  financial forecasts and projections; compliance with contractual or regulatory requirements; on agreed-upon procedures; on specified accounts or items; in prescribed report formats; and in connection with special investigations.

We will use our skills as accountants and auditors on your behalf and are responsible for performing our work with due professional care within the framework of our professional standards.  However, as management, you are necessarily more familiar with the operations, personnel and the reality underlying the books and records. Accordingly, your management and board of directors remain primarily responsible for the data and information contained in the financial statements, as well as for the evaluation of the capability and integrity of personnel and the maintenance of adequate accounting records and internal controls for safeguarding assets.  


Your organizations may want or need an audit because your bank, creditors, investors, board of directors, or a government agency may require an independent auditor’s opinion on the validity of its financial statements. Our audits provide the highest level of assurance to you and your stakeholders that your financial statements are presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). But our audit services take you beyond just the numbers, giving you a critical analysis of your operations, and offering added value beyond simply providing an opinion on your financial statements.

As part of your audit, we will work closely with your organization, obtain an in-depth knowledge of your business and provide the highest level of service, even within the tightest deadlines.


Reviews offer limited assurance that your organization’s financial statements are presented correctly. Generally, your business may need a review when third parties, such as investors, need assurance that your financial reports are accurate, but don’t require fully audited statements. A review is conducted in accordance with Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services (SSARS). In a review, we do not generally examine internal controls, but we may make suggestions to help you improve efficiency or accuracy.


If your organization would like help preparing your financial statements, be it monthly, quarterly or annually. We will take the data you supply and create financial statements that meet accounting standards. Because a compilation is basic, it will not include an examination of the numbers themselves, or create an opinion or assurance that the numbers are correct. However, we will take the time to understand your business and will take a common-sense, high-level look at the financial statements.