Billing Practices

Our fees are based on the time incurred in the performance of an engagement.  You can appreciate that it is very difficult to determine in advance, with precision, how much time will be required to accomplish an engagement.  However, based on a review of your prior year financial statements and income tax returns, interim financial information and year accounting system, we can provide you with an estimated fee to complete an engagement.

Our fee estimates presume that a reasonable amount of routine assistance will be provided by your accounting staff.  If you should want us to perform additional services, we will gladly provide you with further estimates. 

Our invoices for our fees will be rendered each month as work progresses and are payable on presentation. Our fee commitment is based on anticipated cooperation from your personnel and the assumption that unexpected circumstances will not be encountered during the course of our engagement. If significant additional time is necessary, we will discuss it with you and arrive at a new fee, if necessary, before we incur the additional costs.